ChatGPT by Open AI has taken the world by storm in recent months with its revolutionary A.I. Technology that functions as a conversational chatbot with human-like personalities.  With this artificial intelligence, I Love Taimei creates an all-new experience for customers by integrating Taiwanese street food culture with A.I., giving you BubbleTeaGPT.  

BubbleTeaGPT at I Love Taimei is no ordinary chatbot, it was trained to be knowledgeable in Taiwanese street food, Taiwan fried chicken and bubble tea. This marks the BubbleTeaGPT as the world’s first Taiwanese Street Food and Bubble Tea centered chatbot to be well integrated into the food and beverage business. 

Programmed to take on the persona of a young, fun and humorous personality, you can interact with the bot and ask it any questions, help you plan a trip itinerary to Taiwan, or even help you generate a bubble tea recipe! 

Like any human, BubbleTeaGPT may answer your queries with wrong answers and does not guarantee accurate information all the time. It does not serve as a customer service bot at I Love Taimei, but rather a fun and casual persona to interact with. Seeking professional human advice is of course advisable for those looking for real help and real information. It can however be trained to register the information you want and provide you with altered answers to your preference.  

Alongside BubbleTeaGPT, you can also generate realistic art images with DALL-BubbleTea-E. DALL-BubbleTea-E is powered by Open AI’s A.I. art generator DALL.E 2. You can simply input descriptive texts of the image you want and generate art based on the language and phrases used. Redefine the borders of your imagination and let DALL-BubbleTea-E curn out incredible art for you as you play with it! 

Check out these bots now at  BubbleTeaGPT and DALL-BubbleTea-E!  

©Always Young with I Love Taimei

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