What’s Bobatopia?

The ultimate Taiwan Comfort Food card game, set in the world of Bobatopia, the place where Taiwanese street food comes to life! In Bobatopia, everyone deserves a heartful meal. Play with friends and enjoy savouring the best comfort street food with a twist!

Meet the Bobatopia Stars!

Play your favourite street food characters!

Use special flavours, toppings and more to achieve Heart Points!

Win the Hearts of Bobatopians when you become the Heartiest person in Bobatopia!

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The aim of the game is to win Heart Points

How to earn Heart Points? Here’s 4 ways to do it!

Mains, Drinks and Sides icons can be found of these cards!

Never a dull moment whenever Bobatopians have this in life!

Like wild cards, use it as either Mains/Drinks/Sides icon to redeem a Combo
Use it as Heart Point

A Bobatopian must-have if anyone wishes to stay on top of the game.

Get more Heart Points when
you stack more topping cards!

The sweet delight of Bobatopia!

Dessert cards have 2
different icons on them!
Players can either use the icons
to redeem Combos, or use
it as a Topping card to
score Heart Points!

The government of Bobatopia – whichever location you go to, there is always a treat waiting for you!

This is immediately placed in the centre as Active Location whenever drawn.
Whatever effects found on the location card applies to all players for as long as the Location card is active!

Sample Set Up for 3 Players

What to do at every round of the game:

Congratulations for making it though till the end! Much greatness awaits you in the Land of Bobatopia. See you there!

View Bobatopia full game instructions and other information here:


Q. Can I take an Action (e.g. redeeming a Combo) before I draw a card at the start of my turn?

No. You must always draw a card first before taking any Action.

Q. When does the Location take effect?

The effects listed on the Location card take effect upon being placed in the centre, before you draw a replacement card.

Q. I don’t have any more cards in my hand, do I draw extra cards?

No. You still draw a single card at the start of your turn, and you may spend your Actions to draw additional cards.

Q. How do cards with “After another player plays a…” work?

Cards with this phrase can be played outside of your turn, and do not count as an Action. These cards have no effect when you play them during your turn, but can still be used to redeem Combos.

Q. Do I still need to activate the effect on the card if I am playing the card as a free Action?

Yes. Cards with “without spending an Action” still require you to activate the effect of the card when played.

Q. Do I still need to activate the effect of the card if I am only using the card for its icons?

No. Cards with “When redeeming a Combo, you may use 1 card from your hand for its icons” means you do not need to activate the effect of the card, but only use it for its icons.

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