I Love Taimei is a local F&B brand
established with
a passion and goal to share the best of
Taiwanese street food culture with the
The brand features well known Taiwan
delicacies such as Taiwan Fried Chicken,
Braised Chicken Rice (Lu Rou Fan), Fried
Snacks such as Taiwan Tempura and also
Bubble Tea.
Today, I Love Taimei operates with numerous outlets islandwide, covering a wide range area across Singapore. ​

I Love Taimei was born for the love of food, particularly Taiwanese street food. Founded in 2009, the brand was established by two Taiwanese sisters with a passion for food and a goal to share the best of Taiwanese food with the world.

Together, they embarked on a journey in search of the greatest and finest taste of Taiwanese food. Through extensive research, planning and training in
Taiwan, the brand opened its first outlet in Singapore in October 2009 at Bugis Junction.

The brand welcomed success with extensive media coverage and well-loved responses from the public. In the
following years, I Love Taimei expanded to regional countries through franchise in China and Indonesia, as well as expanded locally with new outlets across Singapore.

Taiwan street food never leaves out bubble tea and sweet desserts. Have a wide selection of bubble tea choices including creative drinks such as Super Caramel Hokkaido Milk, 1988 Milk Tea, Mango Lemon Osmanthus Tea and many more!

Pair your food with dessert bowls Grass Jelly or Lemon Aiyu Jelly for a refreshing finish to your meal, or simply enjoy it on its own.


  Tampines 1
  Waterway Point
  Hillion Mall
  Changi Airport, T1 Transit
  Junction 8
  Bugis Junction
  Sengkang Grand
  Northpoint City
  SingPost Centre

Delivery Kitchen

  Nordcom II (Gambas Cresent)

In 2022, I Love Taimei released its first ever Taiwan Street Food card game – Bobatopia.
Bobatopia is where Taiwanese street food comes to life. The bustling metropolis of many familiar characters like Original Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Black Pearl, Aiyu Jelly and many more!
Play cards using Taimei Stars, Sidekicks, beverages, desserts, toppings and flavours, each with a function and personality of it’s own!

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